Backpacks are here!

We have added a new plugin to help those who wander without a town or base to store their items!

– To open your backpack: /backpack
– To clear your backpack: /backpack clean

Rank Rewards:
– 9×1 Backpack: Knight
– 9×2 Backpack: Lord
– 9×3 Backpack: Baron
– 9×4 Backpack: Viscount
– 9×5 Backpack: Count
– 9×6 Backpack: Duke

Some changes

Removed the 15 minute warning for Apocalypse Event (10, 5 and 1 minute warnings remain)

Graves removed due to conflict with the backpack plugin
You can still use the /back command to retrieve your goods, but if killed by a player you will not have this “grace period” anymore

New Rewards in the vote shop – Elytra = 150 points, Shulker Box = 25 points

We now have changed how the server checks for sleeping players. Any AFK players will now be ignored from sleep checks

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