View the Server’s Player Rank

Come and join us on the server at and start progressing through our ranks!

Here you can view each rank and what benefits and perks you will receive at each step of your journey, you can use the /rankup command in-game to view the prices and requirements for each step.


Multiple Homes: 3
Jobs: 3
Backpack Size: 9×1

– Permission to use /back on death to return to death location
– Essentials commands: /motd, /rules, /kit, /pay, /list, /mail, /me, /afk
– Other Plugins: /emojilist, /sit, /chestsort, /invsort
– Backpack: /backpack help, /backpack, /backpack clean

Champion of honour and bravery, they protect the realm with unwavering loyalty, entrusted with the use of /back to defy death’s grip!


Multiple Homes: 4
Jobs: 4
Backpack Size: 9×2

– All commands from Knight Rank
– Permission to use /top to teleport to the highest solid block in the overworld (Cost Ƶ50 per use)
– Ability to use /ptime day/night to set personal time.

Noble stewards of multiple estates, their wisdom guides the land.


Multiple Homes: 6
Jobs: 4
Backpack Size: 9×3

– All commands from the Lord Rank
– Permission to use /jump for a super jump
– Ability to use /hat to wear blocks as hats
– Ability to use /spin (Spins your character on the spot)

Guardians of the vast domains, their strength is unmatched. With a leap beyond mortal bounds granted by /jump, they wear sovereignty atop their head with /hat.


Multiple Homes: 8
Jobs: 5
Backpack Size: 9×4

– All commands from the Baron Rank
– Access to /near to see nearby players
– Permissions to use /fix to repair items (Costs Ƶ250 per use)
– Ability to use /feed others and /heal; others to help. (Cost of Ƶ50 each use)

Watchful overseers of their lands, they ensure the well-being of all. With /near, they perceive the pulse of the realm, offering aid with /fix, /feed and /heal those in need.


Multiple Homes: 10
Jobs: 5
Backpack Size: 9×5

– All commands from the Viscount Rank
– Access to /speed to adjust movement speed
– Permission to use /clear to clear inventory
– Essentials commands: /top, /ignore

Rules of the vast territories, they shape the landscape with their speed and precision. They wield the power of /clearinventory to maintain order amidst chaos.


Multiple Homes: 10 + 2 Warps
Jobs: 6
Backpack Size: 9×6

– All commands from the Count Rank
– Access to feed and /heal commands. (Costs Ƶ50 each use)
– Essentials commands: /suicide, /ptime
– Other commands: /lay (have your character lay down on any block)

Sovereigns of boundless realms, their authority is absolute. With control over life and death with /suicide and the power to nourish and mend with /feed and /heal, they dictate the fate of their realm.

You can check out the Staff Team and roles here.