Rules for the Knight-Z Server Community

We have rules set to maintain a community where cooperation and positive competition flourish while upholding respect for all players.

Our core values emphasise inclusivity and mutual respect.

Not Allowed

Chat Abuse: This includes inappropriate language, topics or jokes, as well as any kind of spam.
Advertising: Advertising any third-party servers or websites is strictly prohibited.
Threats: Threatening or actively DDoSing the server or other players is not tolerated.
Harassment: Harassing or blackmailing others for any reason is against our rules.
Abuse: Downloading or using any hacked clients is strictly prohibited.
Gameplay: Griefing or stealing other players’ builds, as well as creating inappropriate builds is not allowed.
Chargeback: All store purchases are final and charge back will result in a ban. (If there is an issue with your purchase please contact a member of staff).

Aditional Rules

X-ray and Duping Glitches: Using x-ray or duping glitches to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
Offensive Behaviour: Any form of offensive behaviour, including but not limited to hate speech or discrimination is not tolerated.
Political Debates: Political debates are not allowed on the server to maintain a neutral and inclusive environment for all players.


Violation of these rules may result in immediate action taken by our staff, including warnings, kicks, temporary bans or permanent bans depending on the severity of the offence. We are committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all players.

Appealing a Ban

Players have the right to appeal a ban by submitting a post on our Discord, providing detailed information to support the appeal. We value transparency and fairness in our decision-making process and the staff team will carefully review all appeals to ensure justice is served.