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This page displays all of the current staff members on the Knight-Z server! Although we have different titles we all have the same goal. To make sure that the players/server are running at its full potential!

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Developers are here to ensure that all bugs and plugins are functioning correctly and review any future updates for the server!



Admins will ensure the day-to-day running of the server is kept and to assist with any help that the Moderators need to perform their role.

Head Moderator


Head-Moderator will make the bigger decisions and have the rights to punish rule breakers with larger punishments than Moderators if required.



Moderators job is to ensure that players follow the rules and also take on the role of Helpers when none are active.



Helpers should be the players first step for gaining experience or help on the server. This role will be players that have knowledge in how the server runs and can offer this advice.

Build Team


Build team are those that have proven themselves to have a great concept of building to a set task, this could be something as small as updates to spawn/towns.