Zombie Apocalypse Event

We have added our first event onto the server: Zombie Apocalypse Event!

Beware of the zombie invasions! They will happen frequently but dont worry, there will be warnings before it happens!

Here is a quick survival guide:

Hide and Seek Champion: Without armor or tools, you’re the hide-and-seek champ! Find a cozy spot, maybe under a tree or in a makeshift dirt hut, and pray the zombies have terrible eyesight.

Scavenge Like a Squirrel on Caffeine: Raid every nook and cranny for goodies! Check villages, abandoned mineshafts, and temples like a Minecraft magpie. Food, weapons, and armor are your new best friends.

Eyes Wide Open, Ears Pricked: Zombies are the party crashers your never invited. Listen for their moans and watch for their awkward shuffling. Stay sharp, my friend.

Fort Knox Ain’t Got Nothing on You: Reinforce your hideout with the determination of a toddler protecting their Lego castle. Walls, fences, doors – if it keeps zombies out and your sanity intact, it’s fair game.

Gear Up, Buttercup: Time to accessorize! Grab your swords, bows, and armor – it’s the zombie apocalypse fashion show, and you’re the star. Iron and diamond are the new black, darling.

The Wandering Survivor: Keep moving like a nomad with a mission. Just don’t wander into a zombie rave party. Exploration is key, but remember: zombies don’t RSVP.

Resourcefulness is Your Middle Name: Don’t squander your stash! Torches are like the party lights of the apocalypse – use them wisely. And don’t go swinging your diamond sword like a kid with a pinata. Save it for the real baddies.

Buddy System, Activate!: Two heads are better than one, especially when there are zombies nibbling at your ankles. Team up with fellow survivors – safety in numbers, and bonus points for witty banter. Join us on Discord to find your survival buddies!

Nom Nom Nom: Keep your belly happy and your hunger bar full. Whether it’s carrots, steak, or suspiciously green bread, chow down like it’s your last meal at a five-star buffet.

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